Hello robotic cell phone world

Hello robotic cell phone world

I must confess,

I don’t bother with varied ring tones.

I never preselect an alarm sound.

I disable all notifications.

I’ll hit likes and comment happily on your beautiful family,

But not at the expense of my own.

I don’t live for virtual comparisons.

Nor Snapchat, nor Instagram, nor twitter or Pinterest.

I’m not organized enough to organize my playlist.

And it’s not that I don’t care.

No, it is exactly that I don’t care.

About your breakfast or your filtered photo’d cat ears.

But mainly there are so many hours you can’t get back

From watching choreographed proposals and animals

and skateboarding and makeup tutorials

And you’ll lose yourself.

In this robotic cell phone world,

You’ll hold your breath, increase your fears,

Gain inadequacies and depression.

You’ll neither give nor gain much in hugs or recognition.

But perhaps you’ll be a lucky one and not feed the addiction.

Perhaps you will unplug and learn to talk and learn to listen.

This will serve you well, except, and as you already know,

There is no one left to talk to. They’re too busy texting.

Fake texting, stalking, and avoiding interacting.

It’s like monitoring one’s battery life more than living for your own.

A new story, a new selfie angle, another vanity post.

For who? Who is this helping? Who is the intended audience?

Seems no one even knows.

Oh dear robotic cell phone world.

I’m not a robotic girl.

And it’s not that I don’t care.

No, it’s exactly I don’t care.

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