You Threw the Colored Pills Away

Colorful and childish and full of pained self-hate.

And wasn’t this your life sprawled out before acquaintances.

Intoxicatingly carefree and careless and less and less.

For friends and not acquaintances.


You pushed the ones you loved away

With lies and theft and promises.

For fun, then laughter, then drinks, then drugs.

You tested fate.

You threw the colored pills away.


And no one saw this as a warning sign as they worried from afar.

Instead your piercing grin, your charm, your pleading eyes

Even your building lies were wasted on acquaintances.

Were replaced by drugs and selfishness.


Until the many who loved you would rejoin you at your wake.

You died colorless and childish and missed.


And someone should have intervened long before your death

As you built and forged ahead competitive mistakes.


You threw the colored pills away,

You threw the colored pills away,

And you died high on liquorish.

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