My Broken Dream

I safeguard my memory
But like a golden locket without a photograph, I’m empty.
A time capsuled perspective begging for a counterpart.
I long to hit reply and call out.
It was always us.

A secret wish
Revealed in bitterly discarded emails.
That I can no longer read. They, like you, are long gone.
So, I think I weep their words instead.
As I keep the building thoughts to myself and scream.
Was it ever me?

Class rings, emails, your AIM username, all obsolete.
Replaced with all the I wish I would have saids
Did you know, a star-crossed sunroof is a microphone sometimes?
And in case you’re gazing down and hear me now,
It was always you.

No, you won’t find my confessions in an instagram.
No secret regrets. No online remembrance.
And of course, I’ve no wings to get to you.
Still, it was always you.
It was always you,
My broken dream.

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