Another drive on a familiar road…

Another drive on a familiar road.

Where memories take hold.

Where surnames stay and houses crumble

Along the back roads.


My radio shuffles through scenes of nostalgia.

I am sixteen and my heart beats. It beats and beats and beats.

But today I keep the windows closed as I sing.

Up and over back roads.


Another drive on a familiar road.

My heart is light, content, and I can breath again.

The air of responsibility is not as thick and strangling and I feel like staying here.

And then I look once more.


The green pizza place is white and boarded up.

The movie rental shop is two separate apartments. No dogs, no pool.

The post office has moved.

My school is gone. Both playgrounds ripped apart for liability.

The Inn – For sale. My childhood a memory that no one else will have.



Another drive on a familiar road.

I guess I only have this road.


Another song of yesterday.

I guess I won’t be staying long.

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