Troubles with inference and not just ignorance is collecting on our walls.

Like a puttied glue that hardens over time.

Americas’ battle lines are drawn in blood and crayons.

And we hear the screams of broken egos.





And they echo and they charge ahead once more.


To the beat of Langston Hughes’ I Too I scream inside.

A pounding shout out to Black Lives Matter. And they do. Or they ought to.


And by the way,

This declaration does not imply that lives don’t matter.

It clarifies the results of profiling.

Wake up. To the cost of judging based on race;

The loss of lives in prisons and in death.


Too busy building defensive walls to hear the sirens shriek?

Bellowing and begging for your ear.



Sometimes America’s greatest problems may not apply to you.

Sometimes they may not include or ask your input even.

And often to an ideal view, another’s struggle may seem obscure.

Count your blessings.

Forgo your walls. No one is attacking you!


Equality, Langston. I’m with you.

O, let America be America again–
The land that never has been yet–


Let us not call each other ignorant, but instead let’s talk plainly

About intended inference.

Let us fly a flag of unity not of hate deemed history.


Yes, celebrate our heritage but not our slavery.

Not the battle flag that sought to reinforce a kind of murdered economy.

Do you take offense? It does not matter.

It’s not about you.

Black Lives Matter.

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