Political Shift

Arrogance and ignorance have reproduced. They’ve ignored the stigma of unwed mothers and created a bastard who is rich in pride and more in wealth.A new distinguishably American breed will be needed.And anyway, we’ll have plenty of room for the Arrogant Ignorant when we ship out all our educated and committed immigrants-hopeless, permanent revoked-addressed immigrants. Oh what an exclusive race we’ll be then. Classy bunch of how I love ourselves.

Let’s ban the cultural diffusion we never wanted anyway and send refugees to their likely deaths with a note that says, “we care.” What if, and hear me out, we provoke our most hostile leaders oversees, perhaps? Kim Jong-un is so cute when he is angry.I think isolating our nation at the peak of globalization really is the way to go. You think you can attack the USA? I double-dare you. 

A splash of arrogance a dash of ignorance-Hell just pour the whole damn, “My balls are bigger than your balls” serum in. Don’t forget to stir. Let’s mix it up a bit this time.Are you getting this on tape? How do I look, competent? Try another angle, maybe.

Without the help of Planned Parenthood, without being adopted by same-gender parents, thank god, arrogance and ignorance have reproduced. They’ve created a bastard who is rich in pride and more in wealth. And we’ve appointed him leader. We’ve forgotten our national and global responsibilities. And thought instead to project our worst qualities to the world. Whatever happened to concealing ill will and hate?When did we start to lead with this?

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