A scene of self-doubt

Am I alone to think we’ve all been here before? This one’s for those of us with anxiety and those of us who have anxiety and realize how loopy our inner thoughts can truly be. I so enjoy this character. Thanks for reading!

Let's talk Writing

She grasps her necklace in her hand, “Thanks. It’s a tree,” she says. She smiles hiding her teeth. She is unaware that I can see a fraction of her front tooth peeking out. Her eyes outstretched but her eyebrows larger than life. Who is this woman? My soul mate? Or is she the other possibility, the woman whom I think I will connect with and will soon find I am doing everything in my power to erase and avoid.

I am in fact very aware that her necklace is a tree. I have in fact seen trees before, but in my awkwardness and inability to remain silent I feel my lips utter, “I know.” Oh god, will she think me arrogant just because I can identify a tree? Was that comment rude or too short? Probably. Short dialogue can make people uneasy, I read it once. Did I just make…

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