A Social Change is in the Air

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A social change is in the air,

A bitter, gulping, frigid social change.

The kind where no one lends a hand because no one can.

We’ve stretched ourselves too thin, America.

We’ve stretched our arms too far apart this time.

Our fingertips extend but do not attempt to reach our neighbors.

We rarely know their names.

And if they tell us, we forget. They don’t matter anyway.

We are too far removed from establishing a community at this point,

Too far away to appreciate extending maternity leave

Or to assist and praise our elderly.

If you tip your head back, you can taste it in the air, the bitterness.

The loneliness that comes from pushing job responsibilities instead of family.

Living in a world of well we had it much worse why shouldn’t our kids suffer?

Just doesn’t make much sense to me,

But I taste it and I dread…

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