I’m saying No.

I’m saying No. I hope you the hear the echo.

Society expects me to be perfect.

And I use to, too.


So, you can talk about your spotless house,

Your manicured yard, the hours you spend helping friends.

I honor you. I truly do. You work hard. But I’m saying No.


You can go on about the food you eat,

The food that kids should never eat, the meals you plan and more.

And I do care. I think you are wonderful. I’m just saying No.


You can confide in me the money you spend on Dance,

That you never leave the house without your Baremineral makeup on.

And that’s okay. You look beautiful. I’m just saying No.


I’m saying No to vanity.

To obsessive, stressful expectations.

The one’s I had for me. It seems so long ago.


Today, when someone says,

How can you ever miss a day of work? I come in when I’m dying of the plague.

I’ll think, if that works for you, but No.


You see, I figured something out today.

The pressure that you put on me will never meet my own.

And so, I’m simply sending yours away.

I’m saying No. I hope you hear the echo.

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