Sept 11th

*I wrote the following poem at exactly 11:46pm after a vigil on the Oswego State campus in NY. There were so many of us on campus just holding candles to the sky and thinking of the tragedy that had unfolded that day. I was not directly affected. I did not know anyone currently in the city, but I remember the announcement about extra buses departing for the city so people could get to their loved ones. I recall a girl in my dorm who I had not spoke with. She came in and cried on my bed telling me her dad had just retired from the fire department weeks before. I remember the anxiety around anthrax and the Nuclear Plant. But mostly, like everyone no matter where we were I remember deep sadness. Again, this was written exactly on the night of Sept. 11th, 2001. I was eighteen years old. Please circulate it if it resonates with you.

Candled Nights

Candled nights of disbelief shine past smoke-filled skies.

Lowered flags, much lower heads, send our message to the twins.

Raise each flickered light so every soul attempts to glow.

Then shine like fifty different stars that proudly let our colors show.

And wear them for our heroes, the living, the deceased.

For witnesses, for victims who share the courage to be free.

Remember those we’ve lost within the air, upon the ground.

For their lives still touch our hearts and they forever make us proud.



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