Cell phones are ruining face-to-face communication.
Kindles and online blogs destroy the future of our books.
Tangible money is becoming obsolete.
And dating involves a compatible application.
I know.

Ipods and digital streaming have crushed MTV.
Our handwriting is atrocious.
And we don’t know every capital or how to spell.
We’ve no need to memorize your phone number.
I know.

Virtual video gaming and online chatting
Have led us to a world of no censorship, no safeties.
Instant shopping and apps are killing our stores.
Political conspiracies and negative news are rampant.
This, I know.

And yet,
Deny your kids these tools.
Tell them to go play outside.
Rule out gaming, chatting, and invention.
And this too I know,
You’ll raise them to do well in your generation.
You’ll raise them not to cope in their own.

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