Youth is Like an Echo

Youth creates an echo

Words spoken in our teens and twenties linger more than most, I think.

When every day seemed like a mission towards discovering ourselves.

We didn’t know it then,

But when we pause we can hear our torn and bitter lives clearly bouncing back at us.

And we can just make out old repeated dreams, and tragedies that beckon back at us.

Questioning our motives, accepting where they’ve lead.

Youth is like an echo.

We didn’t know it then,

But on a path of self-discovery we often loss ourselves, I think.

So many questions left unanswered, so much time we can’t regain.

We didn’t know it then.

There are memories we keep but can’t remember why. We hear them shouting in the distance.

But we no longer feel their relevance.

It seems youth is just as an echo.

It’s there in a muffled voice reminding us of time and how precious words can be.

We didn’t know it then.

Youth the softest echo barely audible.

Tells us who we are. But we can’t know the whole story now.

For youth was far too long away, an incomplete, unreachable echo.

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