A young boy loses his family.
Leaving high school,
His new teacher follows.
His friends can’t leave.
In a Hurricane aftermath
A family looks out into an empty plot.
Loved-ones lost, but would-be-heroes rush at once.
Reporters, not empathy, win the race.

In a world plagued with tragedy it seems
We lack the ability to step back.
To say honestly, perhaps it is not me they want to see just yet.
And realize, egos aside, that that is in fact okay.

In a world governed by impulsive actions
We forget to stop and think sometimes.
We strive too much to be the ones to help
The most, the best, the first with pictures of our deeds, of course.

And yes I understand immediate response is needed,
so long as it is partnered with listening and compassion.
What bothers me is that immediate response is often given
With a motive of self-interest and self-satisfaction.

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