A common core of learning strategies

In a class of disabilities.

The leading difficulty… Not the teaching.

It’s never the teaching.


It’s a constant struggle against an expert manipulator,

Who is not an educator. He’s never an educator.

He says, “These mandates are not required, just suggested.”

And I wait for him to address me as comrade.


I wait for him to readjust my teaching once more.

With a push towards teaching students to think for themselves,

I have to wonder what job is fostering new ideas exactly

When teaching in itself is quick becoming scripted?


And, truth be told, it’s not the students. It’s never the students.

Micromanaging, the most common of core strategies

Has never trickled down to these small towns.

Has never lent a hand to help them out.


Please understand,

Our expectations should increase.

Students need and deserve this.

As they need homework and electives.

As they need guidance from small class size.


And teachers,

We need resources not cuts for growth.

I know, you know.

We have no voice in education.

Can someone please explain to me college and career ready.

When others dictate our profession.

And teaching assessments are based on scripted preparation.


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