The following poem is inspired by

The Roman, Sarcophagus Depicting a Battle between Soldiers and Amazons (Warrior Women)

Located in the Dallas Museum of Art


Retribution lives.

It pleases Mars.


Man will hear his call and follow.

And though today in darkness you remain behind,

Your strength and sweat pours out of us.

Still, God’s guiding voice demands our move.

Departing for his sake is honorable and we will honor you.


So tonight, your fellow man harnesses your leadership.

Your courage and surname are spoken towards the sky.

Your adopted brothers know the risk

And they too rise from chains.

Tomorrow is their day.

You’ve instilled in them a fighting chance,

A common echoed fate.

We thank you and we soldier on.

Your sacrifice is not in vain.


No women bred of insolence

Can strip us from our reign.

Mars will lead our way.

We promise for the grace of Rome,

For their former masters, we will execute.

And for their current slaves we will enslave.

These women of barbaric race,

They will come to know male rage.

We’ve packaged it with their hopelessness

Delivered as we strike down every maid.


And she may still exist in legend,

A tale of disobedience gone wrong.

The threatened metaphor of what could happen

If we let sinful, mongrel women live alone.


But the Roman Army’s conquests,

Ours will be renowned.

Soldiers will poorly mimic our courage.

They will laboriously study our defeats.

They will wish, they will try, they may pray,

But they will never know our victory.



Our retribution lives, it pleases Mars.

It is our destiny.

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