My freckles,


Marks on my face.

Pin pricks in red ink.

Marking mistakes.


Strawberry blond

Tangled curls hit my face.

In every which way

No order, untamed.


It’s time for a change

My features, my face.

Erase wrinkles.

Hide laugh lines.

Mary Kay, my escape.


Then straighten, add bangs.

Mix auburn-blond streaks.

A new patterned scarf, add lip gloss

I’ve planned my release.


No age lines,

no grey,

no freckles,

no curls

I’ve come a long way

I’ve successfully changed


(One week from today)

Brushing my hair.

Through loose strains and no static

A long straightened pony

My freckles abandoned.


No surprise and no fun

I’ve gotten my wish.

More professional, more responsible…

What an excellent switch.


And as I glance in the mirror

And reflect on my change

I notice that somehow

I’ve become plain.

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