Hold On


Trust. It vanishes with age and separation.

And relationships fall victim to misinformation.

Sometimes you take for granted others’ love and high opinions

Because you, yourself unknowing are the victim.


And you try desperately to hold on to something.

Hold on to some friendship that transcends the time until it doesn’t.

And cattiness and hurtfulness it seems begin at thirty.

Past years of understanding without a needed explanation.


Then, there’s a pain, a throbbing ache that knows

You deserve much better.

When positive and light-hearted conversations

Are pushed aside for spiteful accusations.


And how long can you dust off the comments

That are spoken behind your back

I suppose until you question

And face a sudden, quick attack


So if you find it hard to speak one day

Remember what I say,

Hold on to pictures. Don’t strangle yesterday

And commit to walk away.

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